They are as still as statues, the only sound you hear is the sound of their breath moving air in and out. You may see a shift of weight,or a flick of an ear when someone leans in too close, but that’s it. They allow me to move into their midst but just so I don’t touch or get too personal, I must stay in my own space.

It’s warm inside their circle, it’s peaceful. Contentment and quietness is present and their warmth washes over me. I don’t want to leave, I could stay there all day. It’s a place of peace.

Until…..Tefah comes in too far and Brandi lays her ears back. Tefah stops,exhales, and yawns. The peace returns and I feel blessed they let me into their world. Ah, to stay there would be heaven, but the world goes on and chores must be finished. Thank you, for letting me be a part of the herd and share warmth with you it was an honor.

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