I’ve always loved the airport. My dad used to work here and sometimes he would bring us to work with him. He had a secretary that looked out for us, her name was Kathy, and I have such fond memories of her. I think my time spent here as a child has made this airport one of my happy places.

We would spend the day walking around in the concourses and checking the vending machines. Sometimes they didn’t work the way they should and they would give us free food. Other times we would “drop” our comb next to them and crawl under to find change. It’s amazing how much lose change you can find under the vending machines.

We would watch people as they left, some crying with the pain of leaving loved ones, and others smiling with anticipation of taking their vacations.

We always knew we could at any time return to our dads office and Re group. Yes, I loved the airport then, and I still love it now.

We saw honeymooners, business people, family’s hurting because they were going home to funerals, and military personnel heading off to protect our country with their courageous family there to say goodbye. We saw other children running around their frustrated parents and some with Mickey Mouse hats on their heads and excited for their trip to Disney.

I’m here today to set off on a new adventure. There are so many firsts in my future! This is the first time I’ve ever been to Utah, the first time I’ve ever attempted to ski on a real-life mountain, and the first time I’ve had a mimosa in the Sky Club Lounge.

We’re sitting here waiting for our plane to board and I’m thinking about our skiing plans. I’ve booked a lesson at Sundance Resort on Sunday and I am more excited than scared about the skiing I have ahead of me. You see, I figured since I’ve paid for a lesson, the ski instructor needs to make sure I don’t die. That would not be be good for business, Right? They wouldn’t want a review that started out, “my wife signed up for a lesson and she died.”, yeah not so good for business. So I figure I’m in good hands on the mountain.

John’s moving around, so it must be time to head towards the gate. I will keep you all posted as our adventure continues……

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