She’s just a dog they say. But they don’t understand. She’s been by my side the past 13 years.

She has walked next to me in all sorts of weather as I fed horses, she has trotted next to my skidsteer as I have taken bales out of hay out. She has disciplined horses that she thinks are out of line and watches the situation closely every time I work with a horse. She checks in with me constantly, she’s by my side as I sleep at night. In the morning she’s happy to see me. She only eats if I sit next to her at dinner time, she looks at me when she’s in a different part of the room. She’s my sidekick, my friend, my constant companion.

Lainey and Sassy when they were just a puppy and a foal.

We take walks together, she’s gone to the hospital to visit Danielle, she has ridden in airplanes with me and traveled to both Georgia and Oklahoma as my navigator. She rides shotgun in my truck, and she rides on my horse with me.

She’s so much more than just a dog. My heart aches as she’s getting older. I see the slower steps, the lack of response to sound, and how she uses her nose to find me more than she uses her eyes. But she still goes to the barn with me, she walks next to me, and gives me comfort. She is unselfish in her love. She shows me that love is patient and love is kind.

God must have really thought I was special to put her in my life. She’s much more than a dog, she’s a gift, a gift of love straight from Gods heart to mine. I hope God has a long life planned for her because, well, I just don’t know what I would do without her. She’s not just a dog, she’s my friend.

3 thoughts on “She’s just a dog…

  1. She is all that you described and more. She is simply an extension of you. Where there is Cheryl, there is Lainey! You described your relationship very well

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  2. Love this so much. I can’t believe she’s 13. Time flies. Enjoy every moment of your time together. We know eventually our pups will move on & go to their next adventure. But even when she’s not by your side anymore, she’ll still be in your heart. A piece of her will always be with you. So lucky you are that she picked you 13 years ago💜


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