The view from the back of a horse is like no other.

Why horses? Why do you ride? Why do you always feel like you have to take lessons? Why do you keep learning? What’s the deal?

I get these questions all the time. What is it about a horse? I can tell you what it is for me.

It’s the satisfaction of knowing that I can communicate to another being. The connection the horse gives me as he follows my thoughts. No person can do that. He knows my intention, my emotions, and my love. He knows it so far deep inside of himself that he never questions it. I don’t have to reassure him of my love or devotion, I don’t have to make sure his feeling aren’t hurt. The time spent with him is just what it is, it’s connection without explanation, leading through feel and not having to speak. Every time I am with my horse I learn, he is always teaching me how to be quieter in my communication. In todays world it seems like words are floating all around us. We have to explain EVERYTHING, we’re always worried of hurting someone, or heaven help us, we might offend someone. With my horse I can just be and not rationalize or explain where I’m coming from. If I want to teach him something, I do, if reprimand him for something, I do and he doesn’t walk away mad, we just learn from it and move on.

They’re truly a gift from God

Yesterday I went on a trail ride with a dear friend who I haven’t seen in so many years that I’m shocked. We met at the trailhead and all the years fell away. We instantly fell into each other’s arms and hugged, had a quick visit, then mounted up. Both of us have Morgans now and we enjoyed talking about the breed, her breeding program, and the stallion she was riding. We literally had a blast on those trails. The years fell away. I lost all my fears and apprehension that have accumulated in me over the years, I was a child again, riding a horse that I loved, that trusted me, and that I could count on. I was with my friend who I have shared many years of riding with. We did all the things I’ve been so careful not to do anymore, like racing up hills, and cantering on and on and on. It was four hours that were lovely, delightful, and astonishing. As I write this post I have tears of joy in my eyes, my stomach has tickles in it, just like it did when I was a kid getting ready to go to the farm. Yesterday I got to fly again, and yes, that’s my answer! Why Horses? Because I get to fly. It’s the most amazing thing.

2 thoughts on “Because it feels like Flying

  1. Love this. It describes your world perfectly. You are amazing and your relationship with your horses is totally trusting and real. Thanks for sharing!!!

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