Hello to those that have started this journey with me. I’m not sure what I’m doing, starting a blog, but I thought I would give it a try. I’ve had so many horses in my life since 2002 when my husband and I decided that getting a horse was important to keep me from “losing it’. My whole life, and I mean, my whole life, I’ve wanted a horse. I thought about them all the time. I spent many summer day’s on my grandparents farm on the backs of any horse on the property, I also fell off…… a lot! I was too little to lift the saddle and spent most of the time riding bareback. Getting on board was pretty hard, I tried climbing up their front legs like my mom said she did when she was little, that didn’t work as well as leading them to the cattle loading ramp and jumping on board, I also would leap onto their backs from the corral fence. When I was able to get Danny (Uncle Ed’s hired hand) to saddle a horse for me I would ride for hours and then at lunch time I would take the bridle off, turn out which ever horse I was riding into the corral while I had lunch, then come back out. That method backfired on me one day when the horses got loose. I guess I didn’t shut the gate very well and they all left, including the one with the saddle still attached. I was eating lunch in the house when the yelling started, but I quickly hid myself in the chicken coop until things quieted down. Lets just say that method was no long available to me after that. Now, don’t worry, I eventually got big enough to lift the saddles onto which ever horse I decided to ride, and my journey continued and I would like to share it in this blog. Please feel free to join me as I go down memory lane. Some days I may be joyful in my memories, some days sorrowful, some days extremely excited, and some days are filled with so much love that my heart swells up to think about it. I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I hope to enjoy writing it. Thank you for visiting.